MIXTAPE: DVNO – Moonlighting


Hey, remember how you used to like Justice a bit? Before they moved to the set of The Killers hit Human to record a pretty darned awful prog rock record? Oh yeah, now you remember, those pre-Audio/Video/Disco days, they weren’t so bad. They even had a song called DVNO, it got played at pretty much every party you went to and only twice did you want to stab your eyes out after hearing it. Mehdi Pinson was the man behind that song, and it just so happens that he goes by the name DVNO in his spare time also. Assuming you’ve read the title, you’ll know where all this is heading, if not, then hold on tight, you’re in for one mild assed ride. He’s got himself a new 27 track mixtape entitled “Moonlighting”, which clocks in at a perfectly respectable 24 minutes, in which time he deftly blends crisp beats, italo fundamentals, huge synth hooks with a dash of turntablism into something you can download entirely for free. Even better, it even comes with individual tracks if you just need to hear that 22 seconds track back, again. You can get at it via the blue words below.


BONUS: Here’s a picture of Mehdi pointing at Han Solo.