FREE STUFF: jj – The End

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A couple of days ago, camera shy balearic poppers jj released a track on their blog with nothing but a bunch of lyrics (featuring everyone’s favourite lyric “men plötsligt, i horisonten stiger ett ljus”) and a link to somewhere you could download their latest track “The End” with no fanfare at all. Although, it’s probably not called that but Elin does shout “THE END THE END THE END THE END” a few times so we might as well just go along with it. As for track itself , it’s 99% atmosphere (in the best possible way), featuring several layers of gorgeous harmonies, distant strings, sweeping electronics and a rather unfortunate rap section which despite having the word swag in it, is about the least swag thing ever recoded. Other than that though, it’s pretty great and you should listen to it above.

Like what you hear? Click here to download it!