FREE STUFF: Spectrals – Big Baby


What could be better than the 1960’s? A simpler time when being edgy didn’t mean incriminating yourself of rape and suggesting your listenership ignite places of education. All it took was a wiggy hybrid mop of hair, equal parts Terry Wogan and Justin Bieber and your dad’s funeral suit. For the more plaid inclined, shower shy amongst you, it could be the 90’s that’s taken your fancy, with it’s grungey gutter punk, down with everything, pre Yuck, snot nosedry. If only somebody would take it upon themselves to merge the two together and create something not just palatable, but actually good… I guess a man can dream BUT WAIT IT’S ALREADY FUCKING GONE AND HAPPENED. Recent Wichita signing and 60’s inspired songsmith Spectrals’, (or Louis Jones when he’s not being plural/in a band) latest, is a headlong pile up of swooning reverb riffage, snarling, distortion driven Dinosaur Jr fuzz, and crooning Alex Turner-esque vocals. Picking up from where the A Spectrals Extended Play EP left off, Big Baby confronts love and it’s pitfalls with the same accusatory, finger wagging tone of Chip A Tooth (Spoil A Smile), with Louis admitting chorus bound I’m a big baby, Cos’ girl, It’s what you’ve made me. Fans of the project shouldn’t be too surprised, but it’s certainly somewhat of a departure from the usual clean cut, wonky broken record player pop we’ve heard before, placing a tentative toe into the alt revival puddle, without completely abandoning the projects original sentiments. The albums out 17th of October through Wichita, and you can download Big Baby right bloody there, in that blue text that says Big Baby! Wow!