FREEIST OF FREE STUFF: The Strokes – Under Cover Of Darkness

313 the strokes

Hearing indie legend/chairman of cheekbone, Nick Valensi berate The Strokes new material the other week, was soul shredding to say the least. It was like waking up on Christmas morning, to find that special something you’d been promised throughout the year, had been exchanged for a sculpture of Justin Bieber carved out of human shit. Well bury that angst back inside where it belongs, because it turns out he was pulling your leg. Hard. ”Under Cover Of Darkness” is not only the sound of The Strokes thrusting effortlessly into even greater high’s, but the sound of the best guitar indie ”choon” you’ve heard in EON’S. ”Angles” (the album’s name…) is probably the most concise a description, you could give UCOD. Its jerky, sharp, noodlings of the verse (riffage suave enough to keep Alex Turner awake at night…), to the strung out slab of euphoria, that is the chorus, are enough to make the 5 year drought seem like a 5 minute thirst. Even Jules’ has upped his game, (not that he needed to…) ditching his Stroksian standard ”my throat is an ashtray” growl, for the soaring assured tones he reached on solo effort ”Phrazes For the Young”. By combining the best bits of their back catalogue, New Yoik’s finest have made something inexplicably, immediately nostalgic. DON’T EVER LEAVE US AGAIN. GOT THAT?

Now excuse me while I go change.


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