FREE STUFF: Lightspeed Champion – Flush Out

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So hey, Lightspeed Champion isn’t completely dead! Yes, after announcing that basically he’s all done with the LC moniker and releasing one final slightly disastrous EP called “Bye-Bye” (admittedly, due to the horrible compositions he didn’t write. I’m looking at you, Van Dyke Parks) he’s come out and said that this doesn’t mean that there won’t be another LC record down the line, after all*.

To prove this point he’s giving away a little demo he made for a possible 3rd record, It’s called Flush Out and it’s a rather pretty little thing. Gently strummed acoustic guitars play over his layered vocals and brutally honest lyrics in what some have taken to calling a ‘song’, really though all you need to know is that it’s good and completely and utterly free! Which means you should grab it above, right? Right.

*Obviously, it’ll have to come after the forthcoming Blood Orange LP, Solange Knowles LP and production duties on a whole bunch of records… But it might happen!… Eventually…