FREE STUFF: Yet more instrumentals from Clams Casino


Like new Guided By Voices records, Soundcloud copyright notices and the general ineptitude the English football (soccer, if you’re that way inclined) team, Clams Casino has become a near omnipresent force in my life as of late. From his life eating Instrumental Mixtape #1, to his recently released and absolutely stellar Instrumental Mixtape #2 there’s scarcely a moment in my day that couldn’t be improved by his ethereal beatmanship. Naturally though, there’s only so many songs you can fit onto a mixtape, despite what Kool A.D’s 22 track long 51 tape may tell you, and some tracks get left behind, watching as their former friends ride off into a halycon sunset. Thankfully, they’ve been scooped up by Clams and uploaded directly onto the internet (in single files, that git) for our collective pleasure, which I have collected and posted below these words. Enjoy.