312 i remember
In a move that’s going to have indie couples aaawing until their speech patterns resemble a whale’s, psych pop trio Yeasayer are giving away an EP specifically for valentines. Scrape yourself away from all that Radiohead related hysteria for a couple of minutes, head over to this website right here, and put in your other half’s email address, (just don’t blame me if they get spammed mercilessly by ”Nigerian royalty”…). Provided both of you have advanced from dial up internet, a free EP featuring Alphaville via Animal Collective epic ”I Remember”, should plop its way into inboxes within minutes! Technology these days eh?

LONER TIP OF THE DAY: Want the EP but conform to a more reclusive hermit persuasion? Get mind alteringly drunk, enter your own email on the website, wait 24 hours for your memory/hangover to fade, and you too can pretend someone out there loves you and YOU AREN’T GOING TO DIE IN SOLITUDE, WITH ONLY YOUR ARMY OF CATS AND PILE OF EVICTION NOTICES FOR COMPANY boo hoo hoo