FREE STUFF: Tycho – Hours


Alot can happen in the space of 5 years. If you’re follicle failures, are anything like Alec’s, half a decade is roughly the amount of time necessary to grow a whispy, ghostly blonde moustache, to accompany a fetching, basement dweller grade, outbreak of neckbeard. According to the Thin White Duke, 5 years is the short period we have left to spiral into a worldwide frenzy of terror and panic at the news that our dear old planet is scheduled for a pre Mayan bout of total annihilation. However he prophesied this back in 1972 (might want to check those sums again Dave, calculators are cheap these days, just sayin…). More important than both phantom facial hair, and the end of the world, is the 5 years it’s taken for graphic design guru, and producer Tycho to delve into his creative melting pot, and cook up a batch of new material. Coming November 5th via Ghostly International, is Dive, the product of Tycho aka IS050 aka Scott Hansen’s down time from blogging. Hours, the first single plucked from the LP, is a familiarly woozy wash, of cascading, airy synthwork, aimlessly floating in and out of tune, over a swelling, building undercurrent of rigid, thudding drums, and reverb, evoking a strong sense of nostalgia from somewhere you can’t quite place. In short, it’s reminiscent of something Boards of Canada might create if they were more preoccupied with childhood memories of vacations to the beach, lost love, summers spent hanging with friends etc, and not with soundtracking a hypothetical day trip inside Charles Mansons head. In even shorter terms, it’s bloody brilliant, just go listen to it, gawd.