FREE STUFF: Tokimonsta – Bright Shadows

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Everyone, and by everyone I mean literally everyone, (this is basic science, not opinion), loves a good celebration. Be it that one day a year that coincides with the date of your birth, or the build up to the jolly fat man in the red suit, breaking and entering your property, it’s always a great time for a knees up. Tokimonsta, or Jennifer Lee when she’s doesn’t want to be mistaken for something from Power Rangers, is no exception to this rule. Jennifer’s so (rightly) excited for the release of her impending EP, Creature Dreams out May 26th courtesy Brainfeeder, that she’s decided to transfer that notion through to you, by dangling a tasty Mp3 before your eyes. Bright Shadows is as unrelentingly astral, as you would expect from material released via Flylo’s Brainfeeder outlet. A dense soup of beats that shouldn’t fit together but do so effortlessly, an orchestra of so much bleeping and wooping it’s like a pack of R2D2’S having a game of Marco Polo, and a mind boggling journey through a musical wormhole awaits you friend. All for the measly sum of the energy it takes you to click this link here, which, physical fitness permitting, shouldn’t be much at all! Wow!

BONUS: Okay now I’ve got you hooked, heres another fix for you below. The next ones going to cost you though…

Breath on my Contacts by TOKiMONSTA