FREE STUFF: The Pixies Coachella ’04 EP

21 pixies

Hey! How was Coachella? Did you spend it in the company of a hundred thousand perspiring music fans or simply in the company of yourself? Even if you did manage to claw a some semblance of a social life out over the weekend, you’ve more than likely heard a few choice highlights from the festival so far. That’s cool, but 2012 is so, like, 2011. You know what’s cool now? 2004. Oh yeah. That’s why omnipresent trend-setters and not professional old rope salesmen The Pixies are reminding you once again that they did a Coachella set back in the year of our lord, two thousand and the fours. Entitled Coachella’04, here’s the track-listing

1. U-Mass
2. Monkey Gone To Heaven
3. Hey
4. Caribou

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