FREE STUFF!: Teengirl Fantasy – Cheaters

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Having been a follower of Teengirl Fantasy for what seems like an eon now (blog years are very similar to dog years, only alot harder on the mind) the news of the duo’s impending debut album \’\’7am\’\’ created a feeling of warm fuzziness, only bested by hearing Klaxons latest (which is nothing short of immense by the way…). For those not familiar with TG’s efforts, they’re sort of the coherent-chillwave version of Simian Mobile Disco, mixing disco/fuzzy synths with retro samples and vocals, making for a sound that I imagine is like going to raves in the 90’s, whilst being in a coma, (or living in Happy Monday’s moron/legend ‘Bez’s head for a day…). Thanks to the brilliantly vowel avoiding RCRD LBL, you can imagine the aforementioned slightly cool/slightly terrifying scenario’s first hand!


Joe Thresh