FREE STUFF: Tanlines – O Seizing the Day O (FEAT Luke Jenner)

319 Tanlines-Glossy-620x496

Okay, so you’re more likely to suffer frostbite than cultivate yourself some tanlines at the moment, but whoever let the time of year dictate what they listen to!? Go ahead be a rebel, stick it to winter, its basically the Clegg of the¬†seasons anyway, promising snow so thick you’re in danger of losing your pets and small children should you let them out of the house, but instead delivering a layer of the white stuff, that quickly devolves into an inch of brown sludge within days. Grab yourself this mp3, strap on some speedos, get your ipod and make your way into the streets, partying it up like its Barbados, 1992, and Will Smith is hosting preceedings. This track is about as afrobeat/tropical as it gets, taking everything that makes Vampire Weekend sound like summer condensed, and relieving it of its academic edge. What you’re left with is a joyous, electro jungle book jangle, that should only be listened to whilst sipping punch from a coconut, and wearing shorts.

( isn’t responsible for any ilness/humilation caused by frolicking half naked in winter. Thats winters fault. The dick.)