FREE STUFF: Sufjan Steven’s CHOPPED & SCROOGED Christmas mixtape


Just when you think it’s safe to come out from your Sufjan Steven proof blanket and finally get a shower, the freshly proclaimed King of Christmas* goes and puts out yet another Christmas themed release, as if the 2:47 of yuletide themed songwriting wasn’t enough for one year. This one’s called CHOPPED & SCROOGED (don’t blame me, blame the tagging), which combines modified beats from his Silver & Gold collection, production from himself, Son Lux, John Dieterich, Oliver Bank and Fol Chen with those now aging rumours we heard that Das Racist, Kitty Pryde and Electric iLL (to name but a few) were working with Ol’ Suffy on something reasonably special. It’s a bloody Christmas miracle, innit?

Get it here.