FREE STUFF: Star Slinger – Rogue Cho Pa EP

316 Rogue_Cho_Pa_EP

UK based Star Slinger kicked up a mild blog storm last year with consistently brilliant EP’s (which can be found here) and remixes a plently, so how to start the new year? With another one of those EP’s, of course! It’s called ‘Rouge Cho Pa’ and is “AN EP OF STUFF I’VE HAD LYING AROUND”, by that he means it’s a glorious combination of classic soul vocal hooks, chopped up samples and a musical imagination of stunning clarity.

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE: It’s completely free! There’s a nice little widget above for the kind of care free listening experience you’ve only imagined in your most fevered dreams (keep in mind that “Do It Myself” is so NSFW so can barely imagine) and if you’re in the downloading state of mind, you can click here and own the thing for the princely sum of nothing.