FREE STUFF: Spank Rock’s italo disco “Mobroder” mixtape

276 mobroder

I’m not entirely sure why I love disco so much, I don’t wear string vests nearly enough and any baby oil I own spends more time inside the bottle rather than on my rippling muscles as I work my way through a club packed to the rafters of topless men. So I guess I don’t have much to say for myself in terms of legitimacy, but I’m basically a slave to a good disco beat. I also like free things, for they cost nothing and give you that warm feeling of security only a zero percent outlay can afford. All of this is why I’m sort of maybe a little bit in love with Spank Rock/Blu Jemz/Heff  mixtape “Mobroder” (GEDDIT? BECAUSE MOBRODER IS LIKE MY BROTHER, BECAUSE THEY’RE BLACK & IN THE 80’S HAHAHAHAHAHAH).

Anyway, it’s a concept disco epic of a fly assed guy with a pretty damn wild moustache who’s in love with some girl and then she’s going out with his rival and he goes to a club and finds his inspiration again and then some other stuff happens that’s underpinned by the kind of intense, groove filled, funky good time that it’s kind of hard not to enjoy even if a lot of it does sound like The Flight of the Conchords might have recorded at the tail end of a European disco binge.

There’s a 13 minute sampler above if you’re feeling that way out, or you could just click over here and get the hour long mix for yourself, you lucky thing you.