FREE STUFF: Southern Shores – Bonfire

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It’s finally summer! Well, technically, I’m not sure either you or I would regard endless game of “Guess the rainfall to the approximate millimeter” as a classic summertime moment. But that’s not important, you know what is? Pretending it’s summer outside. Sure, you can throw on those offensively bright shorts, it’s 18 bleedin’ degrees! Of course, if you’re going to be living the glorious lie, you’re going to need a few tracks too, songs like Southern Shores’ ‘Bonfire’. Precisely the kind of single that evokes a primal nostalgia for the kind of sun drenched, free lovin’ summer which (lets face it) you never actually had. ‘Bonfire’ therefore is the beautiful face of your self delusion, building itself from warm Balearic synths, sparse beats and heavily processed vocals before folding over into itself, LIKE A WAVE. GET IT? BECAUSE PEOPLE ASSOCIATE BEACH IMAGERY WITH SUMMER? That’s just good song writing man, you can’t think that shit up.

Want it? It’s available here, courtesy of the ever wonderful Cascine and my Mediafire account. Go on, get.

PROTIP: Click the word Cascine above to listen to Southern Shores’ entire début EP for free.