FREE STUFF: Regal Safari – S/T EP


It’s a year-and-a-bit old question, pondered by many inquisitive of mind, scrabbling for answers amongst the murky ruins of the musical unknown. Is there something beyond what we know now? How do believers know they aren’t just following fairytales and nonsensical, dated fables? The crux of what I’m getting at is, is Post Dubstep actually a real thing? Because if it isn’t, it’s done a bloody good job of convincing alot of musicians and enthusiasts of sparse beats, impassioned cut and paste vocals and reverby electronics, that it exists… Who knows, that sort of thing has happened before… Relatively new to the faith is Brighton’s Regal Safari, who’s self titled EP shows a much weaker fascination with silence and space than some of their peers, rendering them as somewhat standout in an increasingly dense genre. That’s not to say the conventions aren’t there, the beats are crisp and off kilter, and the vocals rarely stray from unintelligible samples, chopped and edited, creating a snapshot of emotion. It’s the wide array of sounds Regal Safari envelope these accepted norms in that make them unique. Take Triumph, upbeat, poppy beats, wailing synths and vocals not too dissimilar to the more optimistic moments of IAMAMIWHOAMI, transforms without struggle into primal, Caribou shaped percussion, before piling on a choppy house haze for the outro. Marian changes tack in a similar vain, melding together a lead line pilfered straight from LCD Soundsystem’s grave, a repetitive glitchy vocals reminiscent of Gold Panda’s You, strung together by tumbling, tinny beats that Thom Yorke and co themselves could have written for TKOL. Pretty eclectic then. The whole affair can be heard, and downloaded above, and I strongly suggest you do so.