FREE STUFF: Pete And The Pirates demo EP

321 pete and the pirates

At this point you might well assume (what with the band all off doing solo projects) that a new P&TP EP would be IMPOSSIBLE, in the biggest letters possible. Well son, you’d be wrong as ‘Precious Tones’ marks a proper return the lang-don taaahn indie pop 5-piece. Considering their rather good debut album came out over 2 years ago now (I know, right) the band have decided this is exactly the right time to push out a EP just chock full of delicious demo treats for you to download and listen to over at their bandcamp. They even included the following message;

We are currently holed away recording our new record, so we thought in the meantime we would gift you, for free, a special EP of demos we have done in the last year or so called Precious Tones.

Consider yourself gifted, brother.

FUN FACT: One of my high school teachers was the lead singers uncle. Oh, what a small world.