FREE STUFF: Bright Eyes – Shell Games

314 the peoples key

Christmas comes early with the folk wonder boy Conor Oberst. He’s released a track off his upcoming album The People’s Key which goes by the name of Shell Games. The Bright Eyes leader seems to have ‘done a Sufjan’ and moved away from his Elliott Smith/Simon Joyner-esque folk roots once again to something altogether more electric – here we see an almost 70s classic rock-esque piano intro, before the song bursts into a winter parade of new wave synths with some distorted, ghostly backing vocals to boot. Oberst’s familiar David Dondero-influenced crackling drawl is present, spitting out lines like ‘I’m still angry with no reason to be’ and comparing his personal life to an inside joke because ‘no one will explain it to me’. Cheer up, Conor, if your next album is as good as this song you’ll soon be swimming in bitches and dolla.