FREE STUFF: Mo Kolours – Biddie

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Why hello MiscMusers (yeah we’re giving our readers a name, its apparently all the rage now what with Gagsy’s Little Monsters, and MCR’s Killjoys…deal with it) would you care to partake in some Biddie? No I’m not talking about a new mind altering ”legal high”, you can get off the phone to Frank now… and I’m not suggesting sexual relations with the sort of bitter pensioner you’d find ranting in any charity shop, about that glorious lost utopia cryptically known as ”backinmyday”. Unless that is you’re into those things, in which case drop us a line and we’ll supply you with a place and a password… No the Biddie in question is a digital dollop of funk and samples, delivered directly from the brain of Mauritian mastermind Mo Kolours. Latest EP Drum Talking can be purchased a couple of words back (click the blue dummy), something I highly recommended, as his fuzzy mix of minimalist percussive rythms, shaky sung/spoken word vocals, and subtle blend of traditional Sega music (no not the game console you uncultured oaf, let the university of Youtube come to your aid…) and western influences, will not only broaden your musical horizons 1-fold, but you’ll find your love life agressively jerk into overdrive, your physique will steadily balloon into a grotesque homage to the cast of Jersey Shore, and you’ll be rid of that weird twitchy eye thing that happens sometimes when you’re tired. Yeah seriously, if you can’t trust a writer on an internet blog, and a man who looks like Penn Jilette doing his best Tommy Cooperimpression who can you trust? Well fine be like that….