FREE STUFF: Los Campesinos – Tiptoe Through The True Bits


You might have noticed things being more than a dash slow around here, and you’d be right. Things have been slow around here, although I like to think I have a good enough reason in the shape of the ALL NEW which is currently not all that far away from release (maybe). As busy as I am, and I’m really not, the deeply thrilling pre-release twit-hype of Tiptoe Through the True Bits was just too much for a boy like me to resist. Having been omitted from Hello Sadness for bringing things to a grinding, irreversible halt, TTTTB is essentially 2012’s answer to 2010’s Too Many Flesh Suppers (marginally less perfect) which occupied exactly the same role in relation to their Romance is Boring LP. Aching with post-breakup melancholy, Tiptoe Through The True Bits is not only one of the best Los Campesinos songs never pressed, it’s also got one of the best horn sections they’ve ever employed. There are some things LC! just do better than anyone else.

Download it for free here, or listen below.