FREE STUFF: K-Holes – Rats


Look I admit it, I have no idea what sort of hole the above band are referring to, but one can only speculate that it’s either a deep depression sunk into the ground in the shape of the letter K, a pit full of Kellog’s Crunchy Nut, or heaven forbid a psychologically distressing state of mind brought about by ingesting too much Ketamine. However what I do know is that K-Holes are a band from (you guessed it) Brooklyn, comprising of what seems to be The Cribs’ Gary Jarman circa 2008, Maggie from Extras, Lisa Marie Presley, comedian Rich Fulcher in character as Elanor  and The Kills Jamie Hince’s brother Dave. And as if that tantalising appetiser of unsubstantiated non-fact wasn’t enough for you, they also thrash out a noise that somewhat resembles The Black Lips invading a Roxy Music gig and trying to fuck things up by playing the same two chords over and over again until Eno has a hissy fit and throws down his feather boa in disgust. You can load downwards the aforementioned track in Hem Peace Three format from this word portal right here, and listen to it while you hang ten, or smoke some doobies or ASBO or whatever the fuck it is you kids do nowadays.

And here’s a thought, if you like what you hear, how’s about helping to keep K-Holes in leopard print and nonchalant ”holy fuck look how much we don’t care about things” black and white photoshoots by throwing a few bucks their way come May 1st (that’s when their album drops y’know). Click n buy right here you damned dirty animals.



  • capitalrecords

    whoa this song rules.  wish i could say the same for the dumb shit words.  blog blog bla bla

  • JT

    Tell me about it
    Fucking blogs, writing about shit and stuff! 
    It’s not exactly whats been written on paper for years but except on a different medium or anything…
    Dumb shit writing. Reviews, interviews bla bla