FREE STUFF: Hear The Strokes get their ego ”Stroked” with tribute album ”Stroked” (zzzzing)


Woop woop, it’s the sound of the old news police. Coming at you like a speeding freight train loaded with stale but not quite moldy news. So what’s on the metaphor train, Jack? It’s Stereogum and their affectionate, moderately star filled tribute album to The Strokes “Is This It?”, taking each and every track from their seminal début long player with disappointingly not-played-by-The-Strokes equivalents courtesy of musicians running the gamut all the way from “who?” to “Oh yeah, that’s pretty cool”. Want a track listing? You got it.

Is This It – Peter Bjorn and John
The Modern Age – Chelse Wolfe
Soma – Frankie Rose
Barely Legal – Real Estate
Someday – Wise Blood
Alone, Together – Austra
Last Night – The Morning Benders
Hard To Explain – Owen Pallett
New York City Cops – Heems
Trying Your Luck – Deradoorian
Take It Or Leave It – Computer Magic

So who wants in? Click here.

P.S: Sorry for stealing your post, Joe.