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MPB by Gold Panda

Connoisseur of chunky hoodies, mastermind of musical monikers, decidedly just okay in a live environment. All accolades well deserved and earned the hard way by London’s own laptop looming glitchophile Gold Panda, (his dedication to hooded clothing is so rampant, scientists are currently running tests to determine whether or not he’s biologically part marsupial and if that’s actually a pouch squatting behind his neck…) Time to free up some space in that MiscMusic award cabinet Panda, because a panel of angry, hypercritical, bitter judges consisting of myself and…well me, have come to a decision. The Contributions To Free Stuff (Specifically The June 22nd Edition) award is on its way to you. What say you dear reader, that you join us in a celebration of all things free and mp3 formatted, by slipping into something a little more comfortable, and getting your Yorke on to Derwin’s latest tune MPB, a suitably erratic electronic ditty, embedded with a Flylo-esque combination of natural samples, understated beats, and an almost chiptune inspired synth selection, downloadable right blooming here holmes.

What do you mean you’ve got better things to be getting on with? FINE NO MiscMusic award for best readership (On MiscMusic) AWARD FOR YOU THEN. PAH.