FREE STUFF: Metronomy – She Wants


It’s been niggling at you hasn’t it? Wittling away at your subconscious, relentlessly prodding you with the curiosity stick. Even now this tortured metaphor ridden intro has just piled a whole load of ”what-does-it-mean!?” over your already trembling confused brain. I am of course referring to the brilliantly tantilising musical loop that currently adorns Metronomy’s website. Well you can put your mind at ease friend, because today brings you answers of the best kind. Funky answers. Arriving January 31st in, MP3 format no less, comes the above song, featuring that irresistible bassline that’s been playing non-stop on both the bands website and in your head. It’s the first indication of a band mentality seeping into the outfit, keeping the emotional heart-on-sleeve ties of old, but stripping away the dense complex synth noodlings, to reveal the sultry bare bones that make Metronomy…Metronomy. There’s very little Joe Mount could do at the minute to make me think of him any less than a demigod…

What’s that?…He’s collaborating with who?! Well that’s just…hmm…

DOWNLOOOAD HOOOO: HERE< (On january 31st…)

  • I’ve been completely inspired by this track. Mark Riley (6 Music) turned me on to your band and this track. I thank you for being talented and not afraid to be different.


  • Addendum – How about letting me do a remix of She Wants?