FREE STUFF: Empyrean – Empty Space

235 empty space

Empty Space by Empyrean.

A quick word of advice, if the above Soundcloud noise box doesn’t appear to play, its not because of an error with MiscMusic (we aim to uphold fairly okay standards of accessibility on this site thank you…), no its probably because Empyrean employ’s such a rigorously minimalistic take on post dubstep (sorry) in his sound, only certain people can hear it. It’s a new genre I like to call post-dogwhistle, or John Cage-core. You see, by taking emotive, heavily treated R and B vocals, and casting them under a dense haze of tender piano, swathes of reverb, and sparse beats, Al Plail has found himself a sound that exists somewhere between the garage enfused fuzzy sentimentality of Burial, and James Blake’s off kilter rhythm’s and use of space. Despite this sound lending itself well to the sparodic, Empyrean has manage to unearth even more subtlety from the movement, framing himself in the same mindset as James Blake or Jamie XX, had their parents been banging on their bedroom walls, ordering them to ”TURN THAT RUBBISH DOWN” during the writing process.

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