FREE STUFF: Devonté Hynes – Nuit (Music For Two Pianos) LP

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Devonté Hynes (Formally of Test Icicles, Lightspeed Champion and now going under his real name and Blood Orange) is the among the busiest people in music, producing everyone from shitty pop stars to Theophilus London and releasing countless collections of his work as well as quick and dirty LP’s he works up in a day, it’s safe to say that he’s been keeping busy. “Nuit” as described by the human personification of cool himself is a little something like this

“Nuit (Music For Two Pianos)” is a collection of Piano Concertos written and performed by myself.
The recordings span from the last 3 years, recorded from everywhere such as my bedroom, friends’ houses and local studios. So expect a vast array of sound “quality…
It was never meant to be an album, but I’ve recently been going through the “vaults” and seeing what music I have stored and figured it’d be nice to make a collection out of some of my favourite piano recordings as well as trying to get over my fear of releasing music..
Hope you enjoy.

Still on the fence? Hear the beautiful Nuit 2 above and when you’re ready click over here and get the entire thing for the princely sum of  nothing at all.