FREE STUFF: Darwin Deez – Wonky Beats

315 wonky beats

Big beats…yes. Old school, barely tangible, association game rapping…indeed. Vocals from the the most ”should be jewish but just isn’t”  man, since Michael Cera started his awkwardothan domination of cinema…affirmative. Samples of children meeting there demise, in a wondrous world brimming with sweets and little men…pfft heck yes. No not a party a party at Jacko’s house circa 92 (huuurr), this is Wonky Beats, a mixtape/rap album courtesy of your Cocker Spaniel and Oates hipster chum Darwin Deez. Built around samples from everyone’s favourite manchild musical Willy Wonka, Deez and guests (including Dev Hynes. Seriously man…TAKE A FUCKING BREAK) spit bars on such existential questions as, who’s better, Mirana (of diamond ”fame”) or Ellie Goulding?, the angst of farting infront of hot girls, and having a thing for granny panties. You know the big stuff.

Download the album here. (Facebook is required…You have to post a video to your wall and send Deez the evidence. Don’t even think about deleting it afterwards, that would be a dick move wouldn’t it?)