FREE STUFF: Cool Lauren – Strangers


Many moons ago, when I was half the person I am today in stature and cynicism I knew a girl called Lauren. It’s probably worth mentioning that this girl was anything but cool.¬†So much so it would probably be more apt to name her The Anti Fonze Lauren or Soul Crushingly Awkward Lauren. This particular breed of Lauren was so awkward that one day when exiting her car on her way to school, she became improbably tangled in her own seatbelt before falling out and shattering her hip on the pavement below, rendering her with an elephant man like limp forever more. I’m not quite sure where I’m going with this, but many a night you’ll find me pondering what path my life could have taken had I met the Cool Lauren producing the trumpet blaring, euro pop influenced, balearic dance found in above track Strangers. Most likely it would have been exactly the same, except I’d have once known a girl who swaggered like Kate Moss playing with a hula hoop and made bedroom pop that sounds like early Friendly Fires jamming with Lemonade.

Fate works in mysterious ways.