FREE STUFF: Cecil Otter’s Wu Tang Clan & Fugazi mash up LP


Is your love of 90’s indie rock pioneers matched only by your doomed desire to become the 10th member of the Wu-Tang Clan (you’re too white, kid)? Do you have the internet and hands capable of dragging a two dimensional representation of a pointing device towards words that are covered in blue? Well you’re going to love this. Turns out that Cecil Otter (founder of Doomtree) and his b3st buddee forevar Swiss Andy (seen pictured together here, neither of them are the dog) have at least one thing in common with you. As such, they’ve spent far too many hours hunched over a hot laptop in order to bring you, friend, the very finest musical mesh to hit your media player since the much loved and BANNED BY “THE MAN” mix “wait what“. As promised, it takes the Clans signature respective rhymes and sticks them alongside the post-hardcore sounds of Fugazi’s output. It’s well worth your attention, and you can download it below these words.