FREE STUFF: By The Sea – Waltz Away


Talk to any fisherman, sailor, kite surfer, surfer, seagull or nudist and they’ll all tell you the same thing. ”By the sea is the place to be, you dig?”. I’d take that advice with a pinch of salt if I were you however. Anyone with an ounce of sense would dismiss their heavy handed hipster infused jive talk as nonsense. More often than not finding yourself situated by the sea is bloody awful. The aggressive combination of wind, salt, grit, spray, cold and the constant fear of getting shit on by gulls at any given time can leave you looking like you’ve lost a fight with an industrial fan someone was throwing ice cream into. Thank your lucky speedo’s then for bands like By The Sea, idealising and romanticising sandy outings through their wistful surf pop janglings. Paddling in the same shallows as Spectrals woozy 60’s inflected ditty’s and Smith Westerns fabulously foppish notalgia pop (see what I did there?), Wirral’s BTS inject you with a distinctly absent enthusiasm for the seaside, missing since you were in spiderman shorts and too small to ride the log flume. Of course the staples are all there, soup thick reverb, girl group tambourine drumming during breakdowns and twangy melodies, but it’s accompanied by something decidedly more complex and legitimate that sets them aside from other Beach Boy aping peers.

Or maybe it’s just because they enjoy Seinfeld as much as I do. Either way they’re rather good and that. You can listen to Waltz Away above and download a whole buncha shit here. Wow.