FREE STUFF: Bright Eyes – Haile Selassie

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Note: Thanks to ridiculous copyright restrictions and record companies bizzare hatred of free promotion I’m unable to provide a SoundCloud player for this song.

Here at Misc.Music HQ, we’re big fans of Bright Eyes. For example, our man Liam has a full size image of Conor Oberst’s face on his back, done in the kind of sickening detail that occurs when you’ve got £50,000 to spend on tattoos of stars of Saddle Creek (don’t ask to see his Mike Mogis). So it’s no surprise that whenever the topic of Bright Eyes comes up we find ourselves in a state of uncontrollable excitement the likes of which have only been seen in situations where R-patz wanders past a group of 13 year old girls, pouting as he goes.

It’s with that kind of inhuman giddiness that I pressed play on ‘Haile Selassie’ (What? You don’t know what that means? You need to bone up on Ethiopian Regent’s, son). A track which sounds remarkably like Conor Oberst put some spit shine on a Digital Ash In A Digital Urn-era single, stole some lyrics from an old Cassadaga b-side and found a scrunched up page from Status Quo’s big book of guitar chug noises and then combined them all into one slightly rubbish track.

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