FREE STUFF: Antony Hegarty – Rise

antony hegarty

There’s a small section of my heart that remains cheerfully unhardened by the cruelties of the world, softened by the everyday generosity and kindness in that the people of the world sometimes generate. This genetic fault naturally predisposes me to anything Antony Hegarty chooses to throw out of her face at me, be it the unmatched sorrow of Antony and the Johnsons or her myriad of mostly brill collaborations. As such, i’d pretty much throw money on command if she sang it at me. Imagine my surprise, glee, wonder AND excitement, then, when I found out she’d only gone and done a track for the film “Coral Rekindling Venus” entitled Rise. It, as is to be expected, is almost offensively pretty and should be downloaded at the link below for however much you’d like to donate, but remember, it’s all for a good cause. For prosperity, I’ve embedded the film’s trailer which features the track below.


  • Errm -you know that Antony has male sex organs right?

  • Walk On DogWalks

    thank you so much for sharing this, introducing me to this amazing artist/angel. androgyne. i love him.