FREE STUFF: Hyper – A Metronomy Mixtape


Would you just look at Joe Mounts solemn mug up there? It’s the face of a man, who’s just dropped his double ice cream into cats litter box, scoop first. A scornful stare of a man who didn’t listen when his friends told him that Dragon’s Den would never go for his 24 carrot gold rain mac idea. The look of a man who’s just seen this comment on Beyonce’s latest video, before contemplating what our emasculated role as men is in todays society, taking into account the recent discovery of ”female sperm”. But most of all, I think the greatest problem bobbing about Mountie’s worrisome cranium, is the small mountain of impeccable lopsided pop he’s managed to amass over the years. ”Just where will people know where to start?” his brains exclaiming. ”What if they start with The English Riviera, when Pip Paine is more their bag?” he curses. ”HOW WILL I KEEP MYSELF IN BEARD TRIMMERS AND SPANGLY MACS NOW!?” he frets.

Either that, or he’s just doing  that ”God I’m such a musician, just look how serious I am in this picture”, thing.

Regardless, in conjunction with Planet Notion, Joe’s pounded together a tasty mash-up of old and new material, putting a slant on his newest release The English Riviera, whilst seamlessly segueing into older Nights Out era danceability, and even  more ancient Pip Paine period minimalism. Rampant with remixes, old and new favourites and even bonus odds and ends, its like a big backcatalogue, catch-up casserole you just found lying around, egging you on to take a taste. Go on take it, here, its yours. No really, its good an that innit.