191 kurt-vile

Baby’s Arms, one of the best cuts from Anti Folk hero Kurt Vile’s brilliant Smoke Ring For My Halo,  (released bloomin ages ago, where’ve you been!?) has found itself tacked onto a promotional video, patched together using the forthcoming Windows phone, a product we’re all feverishly waiting to enter our lives… Because what’s existence, without a faceless shiny slab of jabbering apps and a steady social network stream from Dave Whogivesashit AND THAT GUY WHATSHISFACE, TO SHOVE IN THAT SWIRLING SUB ZERO VOID WHERE A SOUL SHOULD SIT?! (That a good enough plug for you Bill? Just send my phone in the mail bro) The promo itself is what you could term ”arty”, and of course it being 2011, that means enough glaring out of focus nonsense, and overexposure to make Charlie Sheen look like a mute librarian. View it as an instructional video in how to juggle a lifestyle that encompasses looking like something Urban Outfitters came over, and behaving like a penniless street hoodlum. An Odd Futureprobate for short. Thankfully Baby’s Arms is still as good as it was upon release, a swooning sentimental, shoegazy haze of delicate acoustics, and distant synth bleating, a melancholy yet uplifting accompaniment to Kurts life affirming yelps of In my baby’s arms. The album can be purchased here, and Baby’s Arms below for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, leaving you with more moola to buy £200 designer jeans, Windows products that will be obsolete before you get your wallet out, and go play in a gutter somewhere! Cool shit man yeah.