Cepia – Hootenanny (technically FREE STUFF)

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I don’t know about you, but ”Hootenanny” makes me think of only one thing. Boogie woogie burk, Jools Holland’s annual New Years knees up. Its a tainted word in my eyes, sullied by visions of ivory tinkling and Eric Clapton collaborations. Minneapolis’ Huntley Miller (that’s the stubbly guy above/Cepia) however has done me and the rest of the hootenanny hating world a favour, by reclaiming the word  in one fell swoop. Much like Pip Paine era Metronomy, Cepia melds jittery layers of analog synth bleepery with tumbling off kilter beats, creating tunes incomprehensibly dense and sombre as they are beautiful. Its this aesthetic rendering ”Hootenanny” devoid of a cause for celebration, (in mood only of course). Similar to Teengirl Fantasy’s knack for covering that 3am blur of hazy hedonism, Cepia’s sound is a reflective come down chorus of melancholy, calling out to soundtrack and soothe the worst of bad days.

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