FREE STUFF/VIDEO: Cats Eyes – Not A Friend

262 cats eyes

Unless our Fazza picked up cello/violin duties, or went through an agressive bout of hormone replacement treatment, turning into a warped scarecrow version of Anthony Hagerty, I fail to see what input he had in the below song. Nevertheless it’s properly lovely, in a classic, ”visiting your sweet old grandma whose house is several hundred degrees too warm for human existence, and gives you enough sweets to render you toothless before the days out”, sort of way. Its fast becoming clear, there’s no particular thread running through any of Cats Eyes material we’ve heard so far. Not A Friend, shows off a Spector-esque side to the duo, with its murky, underwater production, complementing (whilst contrasting), the subtle shimmering guitar, quivering strings, and of course Rachel Zeffira’s breathy, swoon-some vocals. A flamenco, 60’s girl group, set in an aquarium with a string quartet basically, (its been done to death I know but give them a chance…). It’s glorious and you should download it by any means necessary. Oh wait I’ve even done THAT for you…DOWNLOAD BEE-LO.