FREE STUFF: Atlas Sound releases Christmas song, bandwagon is slightly heavier

atast sound

Ever prolific Deerhunter frontman and my favourite person of the last – oh, shall we say – couple thousand years (soz Jesus) Bradford Cox has done the oh so predictable and gifted us fair internet dwellers with another song we can play at the christmas parties we’re not having because nobody would come. Well, he’s actually released five songs, all different versions of the same track. Said track is called ‘Artificial Snow’, damning proof that Cox doesn’t live in the currently Narnia-like domain that we sometimes refer to as Britain. You can grab it here. Alternate mixes include a ‘No Drums Version’ which, in a shocking twist of fate, is actually a doom metal take on the original. In true Atlas Sound tradition, ‘Aritificial Snow’ is a slice of slightly poppy bedroom pop pie, sprinkled with lashings of contrastingly dark lyrics. Here’s hoping The Man doesn’t take this one down, Bradford.

Note: not everything I just said is strictly true