(ALMOST) FREE STUFF: Efterklang/Vincent Moon’s film An Island

210 efterklang an island

What happens when you take an overtly stylish gaggle of skinny misfits, plonk them on island together, and film them going about the business for their stay? Well if you’re unlucky enough to shuffle about your existent on the grey smudge Great Britain, ITV2 commission a run of shows featuring a bunch of sex starved psuedo celebs, before cancelling the depressing farce, and your faith in humanity simultaneously. What happens when Denmark digests this model, and presents the world with the beautifully shot, Efterklang soundtracked spectacle that is An Island? Well if you’re anything like me you give Denmark a ring, and ask it out on a date, a few drinks and well…see where the night leads (I’m still waiting for that call back Denny baby…) The film chronicles Efterklang’s travels across a reclusive island, performing stripped back versions of songs from their unwaveringly impeccable back catalogue, with its inhabitants. Loosely charting the journey from childhood to late teens and beyond, An Islands 48 minutes is like receiving a big nostalgia hug to your eyes and ears in soft focus. Watch in awe, as the band run through an emotionally charged, pitch perfect edition of Alike, accompanied by elderly stablehands, a man playing synths who looks so confused he probably thought a Korg was a type of radish, and balloons making their debut in the musical world. Watch and aaaawww as they run through another number under the slightly terrified gaze of a school gym full of kids and one riled up feral boy. Then gaze in aggressive envy, as they play for some awkward looking teens, in what is probably the greatest high school concert to ever exist (except for that time I played with my old band for my peers, and ended up running off stage in a Napoleon Dynamite fashion, true story.)

Purchase it here for the measly transaction fee of 30 british pence, a sum so small, your average hobo would throw it back in your face, before pointing you in the direction of the nearest cash machine.