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FREE STUFF: David Byrne & St. Vincent – Brass Tactics EP

brass tactics

My love of brass instruments is well noted. From their appearance in my favourite song of all time, to forming the foundations of one of David Byrne’s more underrated solo efforts, those unfortunate enough to have sat down with me long enough for me to start espousing the virtues of the little blighters will be quite aware how deep my appreciation […]

FREE STUFF: Sufjan Steven’s CHOPPED & SCROOGED Christmas mixtape


Just when you think it’s safe to come out from your Sufjan Steven proof blanket and finally get a shower, the freshly proclaimed King of Christmas* goes and puts out yet another Christmas themed release, as if the 2:47 of yuletide themed songwriting wasn’t enough for one year. This one’s called CHOPPED & SCROOGED (don’t blame me, blame the tagging), which combines […]

FREE STUFF: Baio – The Silent/New You

baio the silent new you artowkr

Baio, one of the two genuinely talented members in Vampire weekend (here’s the second), recently released his very good Sunburn EP into a world barely prepared, like a hurricane made of afro influenced house bearing down on your musical town. There are worse positions to be in, as i’m sure we can all agree, but that crazy bass playing Baio isn’t done with […]

MIXTAPE: The Avalanches (Cool Gaze) – Cool Gays

cool gaze cool gays

The Avalanches have been successfully teasing music pricks for 12 years now, with each passing month seemingly grasping some sort of dimly lit rumour, hearsay or, in recent times mixtapes which may or may not be by The Avalances. This slides into the latter category, and unlike the former Sleepy Bedtime Mix For Young Ones tape, it offers not only a song […]

FREE STUFF: Yet more instrumentals from Clams Casino


Like new Guided By Voices records, Soundcloud copyright notices and the general ineptitude the English football (soccer, if you’re that way inclined) team, Clams Casino has become a near omnipresent force in my life as of late. From his life eating Instrumental Mixtape #1, to his recently released and absolutely stellar Instrumental Mixtape #2 there’s scarcely a moment in my […]

FREE STUFF: David Byrne & St Vincent – Who


Oh, David. What a long and illustrious career you’ve woven for yourself out there. From the spectacular Talking Heads (Naked doesn’t count, primarily because I don’t like it so there) through a myriad of solo and collaborative efforts too numerous to mention, you’re pretty much the bestest Phillip Schofield impersonator in the entire world. So what’s a genius to do, when he teams […]

FREE STUFF: Antony Hegarty – Rise

antony hegarty

There’s a small section of my heart that remains cheerfully unhardened by the cruelties of the world, softened by the everyday generosity and kindness in that the people of the world sometimes generate. This genetic fault naturally predisposes me to anything Antony Hegarty chooses to throw out of her face at me, be it the unmatched sorrow of Antony and […]

FREE STUFF: Los Campesinos – Tiptoe Through The True Bits


You might have noticed things being more than a dash slow around here, and you’d be right. Things have been slow around here, although I like to think I have a good enough reason in the shape of the ALL NEW which is currently not all that far away from release (maybe). As busy as I am, and I’m […]

FREE STUFF: Kool A.D. – 51 Mixtape


Kool A.D. is one half of Das Racist, though which half is an argument best had between philosophers or people who believe their entire being can be summarized with a lactose based metaphor. 2012 has been kind to him so far, what with his mostly excellent THE PALM WINE DRINKARD (caps lock because that’s how he tagged it, the bastard) mixtape dropping […]

FREE STUFF: The Pixies Coachella ’04 EP

21 pixies

Hey! How was Coachella? Did you spend it in the company of a hundred thousand perspiring music fans or simply in the company of yourself? Even if you did manage to claw a some semblance of a social life out over the weekend, you’ve more than likely heard a few choice highlights from the festival so far. That’s cool, but […]