VIDEO: Mac DeMarco – Chamber of Reflection

Mac DeMarco Chamber of Reflection

Alright, so theoretically you’re the critically adored, publicly adored musician type. You know – the Mac DeMarco type. Say your new album did well, and say you were now the sound of Etsy, if you could stomach the thought. Imagine all that, and then imagine promoting your new single, it’s the best track off your album, and it’s called ‘Chamber […]

SEE: David Bowie’s downstairs toilet in his ‘Love is Lost’ (“Hello Steve Reich” mix) video

David Bowie

Recently, David Bowie bumped into James Murphy during the anecdote of the year recording of Arcade Fire’s glorious, sound-of-my-soul tier single ‘Reflektor‘. Whilst there, they came to the conclusion that absolutely nothing bad could come out of them working together, and lo, it came to be that James Murphy’s “Hello Steve Reich” mix of ‘Love is Lost’ found its way […]

SEE: Kanye West’s American Psycho parody/Yeezus promo


Now, be honest, when you first heard that Kanye West was soon to release the follow up to his much adored 2010 effort My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, it wasn’t the promise of more soul sample re-purposing that got you hyped, was it? No, like most others, you caught wind of something else, something properly exciting blowing in from the east. Indeed, […]

VIDEO: David Lynch – I’m Waiting Here (Feat. Lykke Li)

I'm Waiting Here David Lynch

Waiting for David Lynch is practically a full time profession. Between his extensive schedule of directing live web-casts of Duran Duran (really), creating premium coffee brands and running the David Lynch Foundation For Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace (really really) there’s nary a moment (or 6 months) to assemble the cast and crew to make a follow up to 2006’s brilliant […]

VIDEO: Primal Scream – 2013

primal scream 2013

Imagine you’re in a band, right, just knocking about in your rehearsal space. There’s Kevin Shields fucking around with vacuum cleaners and pedals in the back. There’s some guy with a sax, nobody invited him, but he’s throwing out this Disney’s Aladdin hook which sounds pretty decent, but will end up in the middle of the mix anyway, just because sax hasn’t been at the […]

VIDEO: Solange and Dev perform “Bad Girls” in a unexpected location


The year is 2023; England finds itself in the midst of a sextuple dip recession, our economy buoyed only by the repeated prostitution of former boy group One Direction. Crime is rife, with government officials bumping Manchester from a ‘Mad Max’ classification to ‘The Road’ in search of a post-apocalyptic film metaphor strong enough. It is also in this year that video artists finally exhaust the list of unusual […]

VIDEO: Beck covers David Bowie’s ‘Sound and Vision’ with over 160 musicians, wonders openly ’bout it

beck sound and vision

Oi, you. Yes, you, the one pissing away hours and hours sat in front of a computer screen, hoping for a few minutes of distraction before actually having to get things done. Want to see something cool? How about a full nine minutes of Beck deconstructing a David Bowie classic with the help of a multitude of assembled musicians and […]

SEE: Solange performs ‘Losing You’ live on Jimmy Fallon

Solange and

At the risk of these pages becoming some sort of prolonged masturbation session over Solange Knowles and her partner in crime Dev Hynes, there’s probably a few more times I can get away with it before I’m forced to rename this website Misc.Solange in accordance with the trades description act. Still, there are just some things that deserve coverage, like […]

VIDEO: Mac DeMarco – Ode To Viceroy


It would appear that in this time of instanostalgia (ha! see what I did!) the world has forgotten just what a VHS tape actually looked like, buried underneath a poorly colour corrected ocean of hipster smugness. Indeed, there’s scarcely a music video released these days that doesn’t hark back to those simpler times in THE LAZIEST WAY POSSIBLE via poor focus, terrible […]

VIDEO: Action Bronson – The Symbol

action bronson the symbol

What does your favourite blogtastic rapper taste like? Mine? Well, he’s what a Michelin starred chef would make after being given only four pounds of beef and 20 minutes to prepare something worthy of existing on this planet, and his name is Action Bronson. This year, he’s already gifted us the wonderfully bonkers Blue Chips mixtape, with some help from Party Supplies […]