STREAM: Connan Mockasin – Caramel

Connan Mockasin caramel

When I last saw Connan Mockasin, he’d grown his hair out and was shambling around on stage during his Field Day 2013 performance, apologizing for everything. He rattled through the classics and mumbled something or other about trying some new songs out on us, noting he’d just finished recording his new album. Later on and only driven mildly psychotic by […]

STREAM: TV Girl – Lonely Women EP

tv girl lonely women

It’s been hard not getting hyped over TV Girl. Their 2011 single, the untouchable ‘Benny and the Jetts‘, proved that there was still plenty of mileage in maximalist, sample-happy pop, provided you did it with all your vital organs strapped to your sleeve. Followed one year later by their ‘The Wild, The Innocent, The TV Shuffle‘ mixtape, a record with […]

STREAM: Pity Sex – Feast of Love LP

Pity Sex Feast Of Love High Res

Last year (or 2012, to those who stumbled across this page through a poorly curated museum in the future), I spent countless hours trawling through the perpetual disappointment machine known as Bandcamp. You know how it is, you start out with one regional emo group, go via a few pub rock acts and come out by some bossa nova, but […]

STREAM: Gold Panda – Half Of Where You Live

half of where you live

It’s tough to believe it’s been nearly three years since Gold Panda released his debut LP ‘Lucky Shiner’ into a cloud of hype so dense it became hard to appreciate just how inferior it was to his series of masterful EP releases (later collected on the absolutely recommended Companion LP), but to call it a poor album would be a vast […]

STREAM: These New Puritans – Field of Reeds

field of reeds these new puritans

Generally speaking (or at least, in my mind), there appears to be two sorts of people – those who didn’t hear These New Puritans’ 2010 probable-classic ‘Hidden’, and those who wanted to take it to one side and make the kind of gruesome love usually reserved for dimly lit back rooms in record stores. Such was the outright beauty of […]

STREAM: Camera Obscura – Desire Lines


It’s pretty tough to argue with Glasgow’s status as one of the UK’s finest music cities, in comparison to the remainder of the United Kingdom it’s spawned the likes of Belle & Sebastian, Aztec Camera, Mogwai, Arab Strap, Primal Scream and Orange Juice. There’s just some sort of hideous, brilliant magic nestled comfortably between the mountainous piles of heroin and […]

STREAM: The Strokes – Comedown Machine

the strokes comedown machine

Don’t lie now, you were as bitterly disappointed by The Strokes long awaited 2011 effort ‘Angles’ as the rest of us were. Oh, sure, you might have claimed to like it for a few weeks as you rode that wave of pent up hype, but like most of us you crashed down on the beaches of reality and thought  “huh, […]

STREAM: Atoms for Peace – AMOK


Tonight, Nigel Godrich and Thom Yorke (T-homme, Thombola, et cetera) will be running an Ask Me Anything on the website Reddit. If that hasn’t been enough to turn your stomach and force you into the fetal position, then the supergroup formally known as Thom Yorke are offering their follow up to the largely brilliant 2006 LP The Eraser as a free stream over […]

STREAM: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Push The Sky Away

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Push The Sky Away

2013; year of excitement, impossibility and the 15th long player outing of the regularly brilliant Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. First we got the news, then the menacing waltz of We No Who U R and finally Jubilee Street with its awfully lovely string section. Now, in the debilitating afterglow of a week which saw My Bloody Valentine actually release the follow […]

NEWS/STREAM: My Bloody Valentine simultaneously announce and release new record ‘m b v’


In life, there are some things which transcend the borders of mere mortal excitement; incremental updates to old Nintendo games (Now in HD!), going to one of those places where fish eat your feet for money, and, of course the ever looming promise of a new My Bloody Valentine album. For nearly 22 years now, Kevin has gone on and […]