REVIEW: The Fall – Re-Mit


You know, aside from the drug abuse and alleged violence towards women, Mark E Smith seems like an alright bloke. Over the years he’s completed his fabled metamorphosis into the confused, middle-aged alcoholic character he’s played since the Fall’s earliest days. However, unlike most confused, middle-aged alcoholics he doesn’t spend his the majority of days crying over his failed marriage (sorry, Dad) […]

LIVE REVIEW: Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks @ The Brudenell Social Club


Assuming you’ve never been to The Brudenell Social Club (and considering the readership of this here website consists of 50% Americans and 50% of people not from Leeds, it’s a reasonable assumption to make), I’ll preface this lil’ old review with a description. By day, you’ll find The Brudenell filled with over 60+ gentlemen, dressed stylishly in high waisted beige trousers, slowly […]

REVIEW: John Maus – A Collection of Rarities and Previously Unreleased Material


Your ”average” John Maus listener (if such a thing exists), usually falls within two boundaries. One faction believes John to be a visionary musician, wittling down pop music to its very essence in an ever increasingly disparate sequence of influences, from classical to post punk. A man who in his own words, is utilising pop as a commodity of today’s […]

REVIEW: Twin Shadow – Confess


Synth pop is a dangerously fickle, and more usually than not, camp beast. When it’s shit, its really shit. A parping, womping, tinny, clattering reverby hydra of unimaginable pomposity and bravado. Bad synth pop is Vienna without the sucker punch oomph and pencil moustaches, or listening to Hurts through a pair of pound shop headphones. Good synth pop though is just… wow. A […]


9 ten-large-version-538x550

Ten (or ten or TEN, depending on your attraction/aversion to capital letters) are, in their own terms an “experimental/ambient band from Leeds and London England which is led by musician Dominic Deane”. What they also happen to be, are creators of overwhelmingly beautiful music. Their third EP, East of the Elm, self released on the 9th of April is a triumph of quiet power, of expertly judged […]

REVIEW: The Weeknd – ‘Thursday’


Let us get one thing straight – I am a sad person. My life is full of disappointment. Because of this, I am bitter and angry. I look upon life with a cynical eye, much like the gay one in ‘Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie’. That’s why The Weeknd seems like a perfect match for me – an emulation of fleeting pop […]



You like music right? Well, either that or you’re a big fan of the particularly violent shade of turquoise that I dressed my website in a couple of years ago. In that case you’re probably not reading these words anyway, I mean, black? On white? Eurgh. So working on the loose assumption that you dig music, then there’s a solid chance […]



Tonetta, Kindness, Ariel Pink, early Metronomy. There’s something ultimately intriguing about elusive bedroom artists, that other musicians who live like existence is Big Brother ”LOOK AT ME” edition, just can’t capture. Take lo-fi Talking Heads-alike beanpole, Adam Bainbridge. 2009 saw the release of Gee Up, a downbeat track bringing together off kilter harmonies, and nasally guitars, setting his bar high, […]

REVIEW: Jessie J – Who You Are

280 jessie j

“Okay, coconut man, moonheads…”, and to think I turned Fugazi off for this? Believe it or not, Jessie J beat James Blake in the BBC’s increasingly out-of-touch ‘Sound of…’ poll this year. She also graduated from Satan’s very own breeding pool, commonly (though not always) known as the BRIT school. Whereas other alumni (Jamie Woon, Kate Nash and Adele) have […]


286 ice choir

Have you ever caught yourself listening to either a) The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, b) The Depreciation Guild or c) that Moldy Peaches song he drummed on and thought, “Hey, this would be a lot better if it didn’t sound like a) The Smashing Pumpkins raised on Sarah Records bands, b) Slowdive lost in an arcade or c) […]