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Even from the start of this review there is something that has bugged me from the moment I saw this track listing and Calvin Harris’ track listing. Why, after a year of the singles release, do both Dizzee and Calvin feel the need to feature Dance Wiv Me on their albums? It strikes me as both lazy and damn right annoying.Track List Bonkers Road […]

AIR have a new single out, yeah, yeah they did do sexy boy. Oh, erm. no its not as good as that, but, but, but! Ah.. Fuck See it/hear it here Alec

Ist – Toothpick Bridge I’m not going to pretend I know an awful lot about this band, other than what the Wikipedia page has told me about them. So here’s what I know about this particular album is it’s their third. And right from the opening you can tell they’ve become quite assured with their own skills, with obvious influences […]

Hello there! You’re looking lovely today, are those new shoes? Oh man, they’re pretty damn nice. Nice job with the hair today as well! You’ve reached the first post on this particular music blog, chances are you’ve found this to be the latest post and are currently reading with great hope and a bright future or you’ve decided to travel […]