Kate Nash – Do Wah Doo

One listen to this song and you’d be forgiven for thinking Kate Nash had been replaced by an artist who doesn’t want to make you rip off your testes and shove them into your ears in a joint effort of hopefully never reproducing offspring as terrifyingly annoying, and to just stop the unimaginably clunky dross aggressively ramming itself down your ears.

That is how I would have liked to have described the above track, but the fact is you’ll be clawing at your ears faster than Nashles herself at trying to muster some credibility. Rather than come back with a noise that isn’t reminiscent of a first year GCSE students misguided tinklings, Kate’s just decided to persevere and crowbar in some soon-to-be everywhere 50’s doo wop guitar/vocals in there. Get your steaming pile of Mr Sheen grade polished turds above!

Joe Thresh